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Established in 1951 by Mr. Hukam Chand Jain, HCSCJ is a third generation family-run company engaged in business of paper and paperboard trading headquartered in capital city of New Delhi. Our business stands on three pillars of trust, ethics and quality governing our professional code of conduct as everyday guideline to our employees and partners. The success and sustainable growth of HCSCJ should be credited to its principles of integrity, fairness, and responsibility. In 63 years of our unmatched growth, we have always strived to achieve excellence in customer service to all our customers, large or small, local or international, as our paramount, guiding objective.

Our Mission

HCSCJ aims to be independent, responsible, progressive and respectful paper-merchant maintaining its customer-focused approach, serving clients with innovative and quality products achieving operational excellence in planning, stocking and deliveries.

Our Vision

HCSCJ envisions to be a leading, dependable and ethical paper merchant striving to serve our customers with priority ushering most competitive, superior and sustainable services at all times.

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Managing Director

Namit Jain

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